About Me? Really?

1. I'm an IT Technician. I fix hardware and software problems.

2. I'm Christian. I love God and have seen proof he exists.

3. I have a long fuse but a violent temper.

4. I'm single. Long story attached to that.

5. I'm willing to lose sleep to make sure a friend is ok.

6. I'm a pc gamer. Fps mainly.

7. I'm a metalhead. Disturbed, Demon Hunter, Burn Halo, Lamb of God.

8. I'm 1.8 meters tall.

9. I love cats

10. I despise judgemental people.

I can say lots more. This is just a brief intro.
DGSteele DGSteele
26-30, M
3 Responses May 24, 2012

wish I could just believe like you do, going through life would be easier. You see I was really religious before but I guessed things are getting more clear now

I dont just believe like guess. I've seen unavoidable proof.

I'd like to see undeniable proof. Let me ask you this: If you were raised not knowing that there is a god, would you be looking for proof? And would it be your fault for not recognizing him? --- you see I only believe in people, when good things happen I'm grateful towards people who made them happen. I remember one thing that was really hard to let go was the idea that someone was always watching me that I have a guardian angel, it would've been much more comforting but I just can't make myself believe it anymore.

a cat once attached me and injured my hand

Thats understandable

i actually hate cats i used to love them when i was young and sometimes bite them

Why you hate cats?