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David's Top Ten

1) My heartbreak has created a resolve to be more passionate, compassionate, forgiving and to love even deeper
2) My favorite color is blue, like my eyes
3) I am the youngest of 4 children
4) I was born and lived the first 5 years of my life in Brazil - parents were missionaries
5) I played soccer at Penn State & now enjoy coaching
6) I am an engineer & design aircraft flight control systems & train pilots
7) I have lived in South East PA for most of my life (after Brazil)
8) I am passionate & connect romatically through deep emotional understanding - I enjoy learning & persuing my partner's "love languages". Mine are "Physical Touch" and "Words of Affirmation" (from an awesome book: "The 5 Love Langauges - Chapman)
9) I enjoy working out and long walks in the park
10) I love writing to express my feelings
Passionateheartman Passionateheartman 46-50, M 8 Responses Jun 12, 2012

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I read on your recommendation, David. You should also try to read, "Only Love Is Real" by Brain Weiss. I would love to hear what you say on it. I kept loan out one and never get it back but that is ok if it is help others.

One of these days I really need to get around to reading that book... by Chapman. This gives me a bit more insight into who you are. ;)

Thank you. :) That book awakened so many things about me and about differences in others... it created a new awareness of other's emotional / relational uniqueness and compatibility. Awesome read!

I love that book! I think everyone should read it because not only will they learn about the way they love and express love, but they will also learn about how others feel loved which = a wonderful, loving relationship :)

It is the most incredible book I've ever read! It really helped me to understand others and how others receive love in different ways...and most importantly for me...what was missing in my life...and that my ex just wasn't willing to care to understand, let alone act.

I love Brazil¡

You are an inquisitive, athletic, and well-rounded man. Glad you are my friend.

I need to get a copy of that book (been wantign to read it for years)<br />
<br />
You're a very interesting, kind, and caring man and I hope your next love truly appreciates and loves you the way you need.

You are an interesting man, David. I shall take a look at that book. It also sounds interesting.

That is very interesting. I like how you mention love language, nobody ever talks about that; and I think they should. We are all so unique and we should love the people in our lives enough to want to take the time to understand how they tick.