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This Is Getting Personal......

1. I have always been attracted to older men. There has almost always been a 10+ year age gap between me and a lover/partner. Sometimes as many as 27 years!

2. I think Dudley Moore, Colin Firth, Malcolm McDowell, Patrick Stewart & Jack Nicholson are the most sexy celebs ever! (My first and last trashy thing point on this list) ;-)

3. I have had sexual relationships with both men and women but would now class myself as straight.

4. I was vegetarian for 15 years but am now a guilty carnivore.

5. I think about dying most days. I don't want to, but it enters my mind at some point.

6. I run my own business

7. I am a loner. Due to my intollerance I suspect. My intollerance comes from being let down many people so many times.

8. I will never have children and occassionally this makes me sad. Not massively, it just does sometimes. I think it is the fear of potentially being on my own when i'm old with no family. (Purely selfish)

9. I was bought up Catholic, became Pagan, became a Born again Christian, back to Paganism and now I feel as though I am a Christian with an understanding of energy and nature. Sounds like a contradiction doesn't it? (I would love to find fellowship with others who feel this too)

10. I miss the chase but am happily married.
Kookieshell Kookieshell 26-30, F 3 Responses Jun 16, 2012

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I think I would be a kindred spirit if we ever met.

My friend, I hope my comments aren't seen as attacking. I try to live and let live unless it is a large spider crawling on me in the dark in which case I swat first and apologize later if at all. lol From what you say, I would say that you are on a spiritual journey. That is much more preferable to jumping ship and hoping that aliens will help us solve our problems. I was an Astrologer for awhile as a child. Later I dabbled in the occult, studies old books if I could find them; read up on Theosophy and Magick. I was an advanced member of the Rosicrucians for a long time. I was a practicing Jew for years, studying the Cabala and along with Monty Python searched for the Meaning of life. In the end, I returned to tired and true, old fashioned Christianity, not because of the mystics but in spite of them. I don't agree with the Gnostic view that there is secret knowledge hidden from most of us and known only to the elect. I accept the complete teachings of the Bible both New and Old Testament on faith If I can't understand or explain it all. Otherwise, like Thomas Jefferson, I'd have to cut things out and/or write my own Bible and argue the merits or faults of my own personal revelation of which I have little to none.

A very complex and interesting person.