<took Me 1 Hr To Finish This> Wow

1.i dont feel depressed on a rainy day

2.i love my home and my room

3.i hated high school

4.i dont like it when people yell at me

5.i dont dance arround people but i dance when iam alone

6.i like instrumental music very much

7.i like piano

8.i always take my bike out on a rainy day

9.iam attracted to girls who are older than me

10.i have been wanting to be in a romantic relationship since i was 10 yrs old
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You don't know how much it bothers me when people yell at me just cause they can. Hated highschool too, gad even looking at the building makes me cringe.

yea me 2 i would never even pass near by my highschool makes me dizzy

i was like a zombie in school i would go there half awake barely conscious to take in whatever the teacher is saying, I would walk the hallways like I don't exist, partly my fault though

well you atleast took what the teacher said.
you know my social anxiety played a big part on my school life.

are you kidding? I have SA too

yeah must have been difficult for you.

what about blushing?
i blush and smile a lot

there's no harm in smiling a lot, people actually like it when others smile at them. I don't though just cause hehe

you dont blush?

i do, it happens really often during awkward times

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