Let's Try...

I'm writing this for people who add me...

1. If you message me constantly without anything to say I'm going to ignore you. Don't spam me, and don't talk to me if you're just going to be boring.

2. I will NEVER want to see your penis or want to show you my anything.

3. I like conversation... not your whining, and not BS.

4. I'm most likely not your friend. We're on a social networking website... not hanging out in a park or something.

5. I'm not your "baby", "love", "sweetie", "sweetheart", "cupcake", "sugar", "cutie", "hottie", "sexy" or whatever else you come up with. I am Kristen.

6. I don't subscribe to any religion, maybe I'm agnostic, but if you'd like we can talk about that.

7. I am pro-choice and pro-gay marriage/rights.

8. I LOVE sex, and have a huge fascination with it... but not in a dirty way. I'd love to talk about it with anyone, but not in an "ohhh, yeah, what would you do to me?" kind of way... Talk to me about sex cleanly please.

9. If I didn't ask and we aren't friends (all but 2 or 3 of you), I do not want your advise. At all.

10. I love The Fairly Odd Parents.... and seriously love that it's on netflix...
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1 Response Jun 28, 2012

Hi Kristen,<br />
I LOVE your list here. I was seriously going to sit here and tell you my favorites, but I think I like them all. What's with these guys that always want us to see it (#2)? AND, if the only thing they can think of to call me is "baby" (#5), then I know I am just some generic hunk of female meat as far as they are concerned. My name is Sara. Please learn it before you try to talk sexy to me! I'm not sure where I fall on your #6, but I think I would like to talk about it. And yes to #7, #8, & #9. Not a big FOP fan, but I LOVE netflix and hulu! Haha.

Yeah I don't know what it is about #5 that drives me crazy, but it's an automatic "stop talking to me" if the guy can't learn my name. Now, with that said, I do have a friend on here (Hi Rob!) that sometimes calls me Sara and sometimes calls me other stuff and with him I'm okay, because I know he took the time to get to know me first.
And, yeah, as for #6, I don't know really what I think. I don't believe there was nothing and then *bang* there's a universe. But, honestly, I haven't spent enough time thinking about it to be sure what I think.