Okay Ten Things About Me?? :)

1. My names jade
2. Im 18
3. I have two beautiful sisters
4. I love sunset when the sky is red/orange
5. I am addicted to coke (the drink not the drug) I drink about 8 cans a day
6. I think I should start buying shares of j.d sports since im never out of there. Actually I think I should get discount for being a frequent customer LOL
7. If someone bites and kisses my neck they are sure to turn me on. Drives me crazy.
8. Im a sucker for small hand made things that people give me.. I keep EVERYTHING that has a meaning behind it.
9. I rarely take no for an answer
10. I can be soo stupid at times LOL..
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Fourth point is, you are also natural lover like me. Great

7 makes so impressive.

i'm new to the site and looked through over people's stories to get some inspiration...

definately a favourite :D


ı wısh ı have chance to see u here ın near future

ı really would love to meet u

at least as a frıend


ı thınk ıts so dıffıcult to control my feelıng ıf ı see u ın real




1. U can call me love

because ı cant do anythıng wıthout u

2. I m 35

but my soul like baby when ı dream u

3. I have one feeling ... LOVE

and ı never see you as a Sister

4. I can falling love even your shadow under sunset

5. I thınk u know wht ı am addıcted :)

Just You ........J A D E

6. I thınk ı wanna be salesman where wıll u be customer

and ı wıll tell my frıend to pack for u

7. I want to see you as Crazy mornıng to nıght


8. ı thınk u must see my collection

ı waıt u ın my home

9. ı hope u lıke to answer Yes too

ı hate to take no :)

10. ı am ur stupıd man too

no no ı want to be ur clever passion man and gıve u all pleasure ın thıs world



You sound quite interesting