9 - I'll Get Your Pet, Keep It Away. Get To Know Me. :)

10. i love playing tekken and daytona... yes I have that hidden urge to punch my opponent whenever I lose. haha. i never did.

9. i have the tendency to snatchaway your pet if it is too cute. lol.

8. i love romantic comedies, corny as they seem, it never fails to get me.

7. i love numbers, as much as i love words. but i hate it when a number turns into letter raised to certain letter divided by a number raised to a certain power. zzzzZZzz.

6. i like wide open spaces - like the ocean or the sky

5. i talk to myself a lot, I enjoy my own company. no i'm not crazy. I can make myself laugh. wait. yes, i might be crazy.

4. i grew up only with my mom and sister, i was 21 when my brother in law moved in our house. One time I joined my sister in washing their used clothes, it's the first I saw a man's underwear. I was like, what the hell is the pocket for?! guys keep money down there?.... my sister had the best laugh of her life.

3. i love blank papers and vacant lots, my mind automatically fills them up with all sorts of ideas

2. i am a fan of Angelina Jolie, she's hot but more than that she is a philanthropist. what's more than "more than that"? she has the best armpits and the only bradpitt in the world

1. i've been trying to practice the art of utilizing both the left and right sides of my brain and so far i'm doing great. ^_^
dreamingtofly dreamingtofly
22-25, F
Sep 10, 2012