Romance, Love And Life

1. I don't want to kiss a man unless I am in love with him.
2. I would only divorce my husband if he or someone he got tried to kill me.
3. I have always wiped kisses on my cheek off, no matter who it is by, even family or parents, and some laugh and give me another kiss on the cheek. But I have never been kissed on the cheek by a man I fell in love with, so I am sure I'd not wipe those kisses off.
4. I share the privacies of my life sometimes to the public, but it is rare that I confide in anyone. My husband will be my confidante. I don't believe in keeping secrets from my husband when he and I get married.
5. If I had to decide between food getting broken or taken to the counter for safe keeping, and my man losing balance on a chair, stool or ladder or rushing to hold him steady with my muscle, it would be an easy decision to make. Food is replaceable. My man's not replaceable.
6. I sign my emails on my main email on my Internet homepage as "Love, Nessa" no matter who it is to: family, friend, Customer Service, web site administrator, or "Love you bunches, Nessa" to family and friends whose I-love-you's I believe.
7. I don't judge, but I dislike that this world is using the "Judge not" philosophy to drastic proportions, to do whatever they want and ignore other people's feelings.
8. I wouldn't get paid to kiss a person but I don't discriminate against those who do. I like light romances and romantic comedies even though there are people who are against it because they feel like the actors and actresses are cheating on their partners if their partners are not who they kiss in acting and that the actors and actresses shouldn't be in that field just to kiss someone.
9. I don't believe love and control can co-exist. If you want to control me, it is not a sign of love. If you love me, it would never enter your mind to try to control me.
10. I think too many people don't value marriage, just the wedding, and I don't judge it. It just makes me value the worked-on marriages even moreso. Granted, there are marriages that have to end for safety reasons. I'm not refering to those marriages.
blossomingbeauti blossomingbeauti
36-40, F
Sep 21, 2012