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I Am Uniquely Me.

1.) I do not enjoy the combination of cooked Pineapple and meat. Not on pizza, in short/spare/cross ribs, not as part of a kebab or any other combination you can come up with. Don't get me wrong. I love Pineapple - just not in that combination. Yuck!

2.) I can tie a knot in a cherry stem with my tongue. I'll let you ruminate on that one for a moment ... Your welcome! It was something I learned to do in order to win bets with guys when I was working as a waitress in my late teens/early twenties.

3.) I am an extremely religious/spiritual person. However, I do not, as a rule with few exceptions, discuss it online. I believe certain conversations are best had in person, preferably with a glass of your favourite libation.

4.) I used to be a vegetarian. Honest. I worked for a short time in a deli/butchers shop and after being around and smelling raw meat and blood and .... lets just say it was the last thing I wanted to put in my mouth when I went home each day. So I was a vegetarian for about 6 years afterwards. Then I got married. Now I love steak!

5.) I have a favorite scar. It is located on my chest, centred almost directly above my breasts. It's diagonal, descending from left to right and is about an inch long. This particular badge of honour was as a result of a wayward campfire coal that chose to make it's home there. I tend to caress it when I am reading or day dreaming.

6.) I am allergic to Amoxicillin. I had a sever reaction to it as a child, which resulted in a trip to the local hospitals emergency room. As a precaution doctors never prescribe me penicillin or anything within that drugs family. Therefore if/when I do require an antibiotic, I get the real expensive ones with the crazy sounding, impossible to pronounce, long names.

7.) I have broken more than one bone. For the record: both of my ankles (the left one twice), my left wrist, my left arm, my right leg and several fingers and toes. No they did not all happen at once. The most recent was my right leg - two years ago. The most impressive was my left arm - I fell out of a tree onto an overturned work bench when I was 10 years old and as a result spent 3 days in the hospital. What can I say? I was a tomboy, now I'm a klutz.

8.) My favourite color is grey. Yes, I know, it's a shade - but I think it's a totally valid option. I enjoy a variety of said shades, however my favourite is a medium to slightly dark shade with a tinge of purple in it. It is almost impossible to describe a colour accurately enough, but I love it. If you refuse to accept that "colour" as an answer I would go with Emerald Green - but only because your stubborn

9.) My favourite book is Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. It is not the best or most insightful book that I have ever read and this one book does not accurately describe my taste in literature. It does however hold a special place in my heart. I read it dozens of times when I was a young girl and always identified strongly with the main character. It is the one book I can pick up at any time and any place, turn to any page and begin reading - knowing exactly what has happened in the story and enjoying my time lost in it.

10.) I have naturally curly hair, but I usually straighten it.
Hongruilin Hongruilin 31-35, F 20 Responses Nov 29, 2012

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1. I strongly agree. Sweet flavors mixed with meats, bleah. I don't understand why people put sugar on pork so much!
2. Okaaay.
3. Interesting. And, too bad. I enjoy discussing theology and philosphy with an open mind.
4. I dated a lacto-ova vegetarian for 13 years. We worked out how to get along without fighting... over THAT.
5. OK.
6. I got grossed out by a penicillin derivative, being completely overwhelmed with the mold sensation so it was declared an allergy but really wasn't.
7. I have never broken any bones. Neither mine nor anyone else's.
8. No problem - mine is black. Lots of people don't want to validate that, either. And since "goth" became a "thing" it gets called cliche a lot, too.
9. I don't have a favorite but I would recommend reading anything written by John Lennon, it's not like his lyrics or his interview quotes. His poetry and prose are far more twisted.
10. Me too - back to about 26" long from its former full glory of a yard on the nose. It dries to very pleasant ringlets, women paw at it sometimes and tell me they would spend a hundred dollars making their hair look like that. LOL.

Lol, lol, lol! I can't stop laughing over the last answer.

As for the theological stuff I have broken the rule a time or two once I've gotten to know someone better but still don't get involved in public discussions of it. Lesson learned.

# 2 .. I bought Cherries today ... and tonight i remembered your story ... i tied a knot in the first stem, and every one after... my 9 year old was impressed ... who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks ?


I love it! And yet another generation is inspired. I think I need to go get some cherries tomorrow and brush up on my technique ... ;-)

Bravo sexy mama!

Thanks Hon... I will show my Husband when he gets back

My husband certainly appreciates it, lol.

No pineapple in hamburgers either.. it's all wrong .. even chicken ones.
I love these Hon.
#2 - I'd like to see that too !
#4 - I did work experience with the Dept of Agriculture when I was still at school.
I often had to go to the local abattoirs to take samples of live stock, once they'd been slaughtered.. cows , sheep was pretty full on... but I never gave up meat .
#7 - You must have quite a collection of x-rays !
#8- I like your fav. color ...sounds like the color of some of my walls.

Nice read Hon.

Oooh, I agree, pineapple in hamburgers (chicken, beef or other) would be just wrong as well!!

#2) It's not as hard as it seems, I hadn't done it in awhile and did it again yesterday, albeit a bit slower then before! lol

#4) I actually still eat pretty vegetarian now a days, but I adore steak and bacon too much to go back completely. haha.

#7) If only they let you keep them here! I might be getting another one tomorrow ... yikes!!!

#8) Oooh, your walls must be lovely then!

1. Not even tooth picked on a ham for Thanksgiving dinner? 2. I wanna see that. Not that I don't believe you. I just would really like to see that! 3.I'm fine with that. 4. I understand that. I have never worked in a deli but I got it. I cook a mean steak on the grill! 5. Scars define us that's what make us special. 6. All I got on this one is I'm sorry.7. That's not good.8. Black,grey it's all good. 9. That's cool.10. Curly or straight it's beautiful. Do you wanna know 10 things about me?

1. Not even then. 2. Well then come on over. ;-) 3 Good - because wasn't an option. 4. I love steak! And I am a good cook with everything. lol. 5. Yes!!! 6. Thanks! 7. It's not horrible. 8. lol - so flexible. 9. Ain't it though?! 10. Awww!!

Yes!! I wanna know 10 things.

I'm not going to compliment you anymore because I've given your stories and your writing abilities quite enough. So I'll just say "present". :)


Okay then, have made a mental note not to expect any more compliments from you.

I am however now going to start taking role call on all my stories.'re the sweetest! Dammit. That's a compliment.

Help, I'm caught in a circular vortex not of my own control, from which the only escape is apparently....sarcasm?

This is sort of like being on a Japanese game show where you don't know the rules but everyone is laughing.

*giggle some more*

Now I'm picturing you wearing those crazy colourful body armour padding costumes and a helmet getting knocked into water by a big foam hand ... lol.

very well rounded


#7 lmao!!! I just completely understood why you will never ski with me

I told you! Lol. It's dangerous for me! :-P

Lol. I probably wouldn't help the situation much "it's not that hard...I mean if I can do it anyone can..." Thing is even skiing way over my head I know I can, it's all just confidence

The thing is skiing does scare me a little bit, though I do it anyways but even when I have confidence in something my natural clutch tendency kicks in! I mean, the broken leg, I slipped down some stairs. I'm certainly not scared of walking down stairs, haha.

Lol, I'm more scared of walking and talking at the same time then skiing double black diamonds even though I know those are way over my head generally. Kinda like sex with someone your 120% confident with, and just as enjoyable

*you know even if its weird/scary you know it's gonna be ok because of what your doing and who your with. I guess the mountains would be the insane mistress who no matter what is gonna take you for one wild ride and hopefully keep you alive but you don't really care cause it'll be that much fun

*laughing so much* I'm loving your comparison/analogies. I just have no words great enough to respond with.

Assuming you saw both responses before writing that...don't know how else to explain the moments on the hill I should fear death that is the only thought not in my mind... Moguls "lift inside tail, turn ski, pole plant, turn" mind is so clear when you only have one thing to concentrate on. Trees should be " sh*t that's gonna hurt" reality is "one turn at a time" <- need to make it to 2 or 3 and I may successfully do tree run

I did see both responses before I wrote my reply, yes. That's why I was giggling so much.

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Just so long as its only Grey and not 50 shades of...

Ugh, noooo . lol

whew, okay good, now you only have no pinnapple and ham pizza against you. lol

Sorry - that one's non negotiable!

I like pineapple and meat on pizza, my favorite color is red, and I would love to see you tie a knot in a cheery stem I thought it was impossible :-P

Oh believe me ... Totally possible! ;-)

enjoying reading your stuff,,

I'm glad.

me tooo !!!

Awesome list. Awesome person :)

Aww ... *blushes* ... Merci, Merci beaucoup. :-)

Enjoyed reading, wondered how you chose what to share. I don't like the pineapple combo either, like how precise you are with your colors, completely understand getting turned off meat but prefer curly ;) keep writing!

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I chose what to share based on the first ten things that came to mind - there were more which I'll probably share later, but this is what popped up first. Don't worry, I will keep writing, I'm finding that now that I'e opened the floodgates I have an abundance to tell.

Pineapple on pizza, thank God someone else see's sense, why would you do that?? It's just wrong, I could go on about that for hours, it's definitely a pet hate, Thankyou so much for just that first bit, and the rest was great too!

Haha, your most certainly welcome. I'm simply glad to have found another soul that recognizes the insanity and disgust of that particular combination!

I don't know how I keep ending up on your stories ... I swear I'm not stalking you ... but it was a great entertaining read nonetheless :)

Haha, too funny. I've always wanted a stalker ..... Lol. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Well, I guess you'll see where I turn up tomorrow then :P

Note to self: Write more "stories" to keep stalker on the hook!

Hahaha! ... Note to self: learn how to stalk more secretly to prevent stalkee from encouraging more stalking

Note to self: Learn when to shut the hell up! Haha

Judging by your stories, I have a feeling you've got a LOT to learn, lol :P (kidding ... I'm kiddinnnnnng) :D

Ohhhh .... Them's fighting words! *pulls out nunchucks*

Oh puh-leeeeez ... put them little chopsticks away ... bareknuckle fighting all the way girlie ... are you game or are ya yella? :P

*puts away nunchucks, and takes up a fighting stance* LET'S DO IT! *sweeps the leg and runs away in fear* lol :-P

*gets up ... looks at you running away in disbelief but then thinkin' ... you've got a nice **** haha ;P

Lol, I know when I'm out done - you'd more than thrash me. Running away was the best option. :-P

Ahhh ... and here I thought you were just encouraging my stalking by wiggling that *** of yours, haha :P

Shhh! You weren't supposed to figure that out!

Ah, ok, I'll keep quiet ... but I dunno how you're gonna keep your *** from talkin' ... it just screams of sexay! ... hmmm ... think I could use that as a pick-up line? Go up to a woman and say "Could you please keep your *** from talkin'? 'Cause it just screams of sexay!" ... might work, no? O_O

lol, lol, LOL ... That is hilarious! I'm not quite sure how well it would go over as a pick up line though. You'll either make them laugh or get slapped hard. :-D

Oooooh, but little do they know ... I like it rough ... (kidding, lol ... :P) ... Hey, so it's a new day, I'm gonna go stalk another story of your's ... watch for it ;)

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YAY! I now officially love Hongruilin even more:) great post!

Aww! Thanks sweetie. I love you too!

You certainly are you :), I know what its like to be in the hospital for days with broken/shattered bones, it blows xD

Yeah, not fun - especially when you re little. *hugs*

I have a favorite scar too my biggest one!

Care to share the story?

I would love to.. I was ran over by a car and my right foot was shredded by the wheel I was in the hospital for two months..the doctors had to take my shoulder fat and an artery and put it on my foot.

my back has a huge scar aside from my foot.haha

Wow, that's crazy! Much better story than my scar, haha. Though also, I imagine, a lot more painful!

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I love that you have a favorite scar. I think scars should be something to be proud of...each one tells a story and adds to the story of a life well lived :-)
Shame on you for straightening your curls though...I think wavey/curly hair has charm :-)

My body is a road map of stories. As for the curls: please see previous explanation to last commentator. *Makes note to self: the men of EP like curls and glasses*

I have an old and dear friend who mastered the cherry stem trick in high school. He developed an almost cult-like following of coeds in college. Straighten curly hair? Blasphemy!

The trick it's self started out as a joke but in the end it was most helpful in bolstering my tips. As for the curly hair being straightened, it is somewhat easier to deal with that way at the moment as I had cut it quite short a year or so ago and am now growing it out. When longer I do not.

I loved reading that. ALL of it. :-) Gonna read it again now. I was vegetarian for 7 months once and I was driving home from work one night past this amazingly good Mexican place, and I could SMELL the deliciousness! I went in and bought a huge delectable carne asada burrito and all bets were off. :-)

Aww, thanks my friend. I can not believe you were a vegetarian for awhile but your lapse back into the world of meat is hilarious!

Haha, yeah it was absurd how quickly I suddenly became a carnivore again.