10 Things About Me♥

1) I don't believe where alone in this universe. 2) I'm still nervous around my boyfriend especially when it comes to telling him about my past. 3) I love writing poetry and short stories. 4) I watch lord of the rings almost everday, I absolutely love the movie. 5) I'm afraid of being alone. 6)I want to travel the world just to see how other people view life, and live differently than us. 7) I love romance♥ 8) I wish people can see how I view the world because maybe then I wouldnt seem so strange or weird to them. 9)I want to have what I consider a beautiful, a house, not too big and not too small with a tree in the front and a swing attached, a big backyard, a dog and a cat. A husband I can grow old with, and Two kids. 10)my favorite color Is red because it represents so much of life
naj9173 naj9173
18-21, F
1 Response Nov 29, 2012