A Little Bit About Me

1. I'm learning how to read palms. it's really fun and fascinating. I've read about 6 people's palms so far and everyone has said I've been accurate.
2. I have trouble sleeping at night, it's been like that my whole life I seem to fall asleep fine in the daytime. but at night I'm wide awake.
3. I taught myself braille when I was 8 years old because I thought I would lose my eyesight when I was older.
4. I'm a shy person, I used to be so shy I couldn't look people in the eye when they talked to me.
5. I have red hair, and I really love it. people compliment me on it all the time but when I was a kid it was blonde and I was teased all the time by kids saying I was a "dumb blonde."
6. I can remember all my dreams. it's pretty awesome.
7. I'm a really good cook, I love to make really complicated stuff that takes all day to make. also Indian food is so good.
8. I've had a really sad and tragic life but I think (I hope) things are turning around now.
9. I have a very good imagination and I'm always making up stories in my head.
10. the time I was happiest was when I could lay out on my balcony in the summer with the tree shading me and sweet-pea, the Russian blue cat would fall asleep on my stomach.
Cherflu Cherflu
31-35, F
2 Responses Nov 30, 2012

Love your list, Cher! I wonder why I couldn't view it in your profile before!

1 I spend way to much time on Internet

2 I married to lady 20 years younger than me.
And live in Singapore .

3. Sometimes drink to much coffee

4. Like to walk somewhere each day

5 Like share my bed with two ladies each night!

6. Eat meals with chop sticks most days

7. Support Tottenham

8. Have short white hair

9. Like watch cowboy films and love stories and adventure movies .

10. Need to drink more water Have low blood pressure .