My List.

Maybe it's kinda unimportant to say but idk i just wanna write these things;)
1.) My favorite sky thing is moon. People say that stars are the best because they're shiny and bright, but I think moon is unique and pretty in its way.
2.) I love quotes, books, and deep musics.
3.) My favorite movie genre is romantic drama.
4.) I don't like everything that is meaningless, not effective, and not including emotions / feelings.
5.) I try my best not to be over-jealous person.
6.) I found out that being single is ways better than dating (and now I'm in relationship that I don't even sure with my feelings:( )
7.) I'm emotional but I hate drama queen.
8.) I flirt but I don't like it when anybody else does -- I know it seems so selfish.
9.) I want to be free, do what I like, lie in my bed all day doing nothing.
10.) I love being alone at home, but I hate being that way at school, which is hard to get because everyone always disturb me at home and no one want to walk with me at school.

Thanks for reading anyway. Comment please;D
barbie13 barbie13
13-15, F
Nov 30, 2012