Just Mee :)

1) I'm Portuguese :D
2) My parents are divorced ..
3) I think I'm a hypochondriac x_x
4) I'm an adrenalin junky :)
5) I love helping people :))
6) I live in South Africa, and believe it or not I'm not black or zulu and I don't live in a village :O
7) I'm a very neutral person :|
8) I'm soo mature for my age (not the annoying type, the deep type) :)
9) I get insecure and jealous easily if I care about someone :// ..
10) I care too much about people.
11) Because I'm a badass ;)
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So let me make sure I'm reading this right: You're Portuguese AND you live in Africa??

Rare eh?

The computer tech guy at our school is Caucasian with a British accent, was born in South Africa, and for the first three years in the US Army he was not a US citizen

How is that possible?

Some kind of foreign ally partnership or somethif

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Ya Portuguese for the win!