Ten Thing That Came To Mind

  1. I love anime! My favourites are One Piece, Angel Beats, Sword Art Online and Fruits Basket.

  2. I'm a Christian and a lesbian. I love God and girls :)

  3. Someday, I'm going to eat the best poutine in the world.

  4. Did I mention I'm Canadian? I was born in Kingston, Jamaica, though.

  5. I want to learn Japanese and Russian, someday.

  6. I think that the best jokes are either mexican jokes, or black jokes.

  7. There once was a time when I sincerely wanted nothing more than to die.

  8. I've cut and burned myself on purpose.

  9. I hate myself because I'm gay.

  10. I originally wanted this list to be solely positive.

Well, I tried. :)

TrafalgarLaw TrafalgarLaw
18-21, F
1 Response Nov 30, 2012

I LOVE sword art online! The newest episode was so sad...even though everyone knew it would come. I feel so bad for Sugu....

I haven't had poutines in such a long time... I used to go to Canada to visit my great-grandpa every year until he died. We would eat poutines and beaver tails (the fried bread stuff. Yum. I wonder if they were a tourist thing...?) I can't find them anywhere here!

Hahaha. I want to learn a ton of languages. At the top of my list are: Chinese, Japanese, French, Hawaiian, and German. So far I am learning French and Hawaiian, though I hope to add Mandarin Chinese next year.

Why do you hate yourself because you're gay? My family isn't very religious, so I dont really understand.

I've been around people that say that being gay is wrong, and that people aren't born gay, etc. I've learned that for some reason, I have to believe that too

Well, most people aren't born doctors or artists either... People aren't born kind or hard working. These things develop. And being gay isn't wrong. Love is love, and the more love there is in the world, the better. There is no such thing as bad love because love, inherently, is good. Plus, right and wrong are subjective. Dont let them make you start hating yourself.