The Most Normal Weirdo In Canada

1. I am covered in small scars that i have gained from doing random acts of manliness. 2. I like too silently fart while passing by people so that I can hear then yell from the next aisle over. 3. I burn cds with gospel and hard rap mixed. 4. My tongue is 4 inches long 5. I stayed a virgin until i was 22 because I didnt like the personalities of the girls that were around me until I went to college. 6. Me and my mother pull pranks on the rest of my siblings. (she's the reason why i never get caught) 7. I love weights but i HATE running. I can walk barefoot in a wifebeater in the winter. 8. Im a big black guy and I look kinda like a gureilla. Every halloween me and my friends used to bang our heads on little children's windows just to scare them. I didn't need a mask. 9. I watch foreign romance movies during the winter and post reviews of them on IMDB. 10. I think that most people my age are idiots because I can't find one person my age in my city that has read a book this year that doesn't include twilight, zane, textbooks, or the hunger games.
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1 Response Nov 30, 2012

and i can totally relate to you haha people are moron that can't read anything that don't have image in it or vampire...-.-

amen, I actually didn't think anyone would read this lol.

lol people are scared of thing that got more than 10 word haha and im a bookworms haha i read everyday