Le Moi

In no particular order of importance :)

1) I get cold easily
2) I enjoy psychedelics.
3) I once hitch hiked with my boyfriend from Nashville to Mt. Saint Helens in four days
4) I don't know exactly what I'm here on earth for yet but am trying to stay optimistic about it
5) My hobbies are yoga, crochet, collage and sculpey
6) I have difficulty maintaining/making frienships as I'm avoidant and anxious and freaked out by rejection and give up when I'm not perfect
7) My hard palate didn't fuse 100% and I have a teensy little dolphin hole on the top of my mouth that I can suck air through and make guinea pig noises
8) I had sex for money a few times when I needed to
9) I am genderfluid and fluid sexually but mostly into women and gay men and femmey men
10) I believe wholeheartedly in aliens and other dimensions

And thank you for reading my crazy lol love you honies.
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18-21, F
1 Response Nov 30, 2012

are you really 70+? would love to hear more about you

Goodness no my dear haha I'm merely 21. I just put 70+ so that people don't have preconceptions about me with my age :)

ha ha!!!