A Bit Of Bio And Background To Share

You want to know 10 things about me. Ok then I better start sharing then,

1. I am completely drawn to sexy women, sexy of the mind and body both drive me wild.

2. I am not just into women, there are men that interest me as well but I am hard pressed to find
a man to stimulate my mind as easily as women do.

3. I love to write erotica and dare to step away from the ordinary at times

4. Cooking is something I enjoy and can be quite passionate about.

5. I do enjoy a nice glass of wine but have been caught enjoying a few too many glasses
at times :)

6. I love beautiful works of art in all form (painting, photography, videography, music, writing)

7 You will not see outstanding when you look at me but if you see me then outstanding does
not even begin to describe me.

8. I am a dedicated friend to those that matter to me.

9. I joined Experience Project to share my inner passions without judgement.

10. It is rare that I find people to connect too perhaps that will change here.........
Luv4women Luv4women
Nov 30, 2012