My 10

1. I have a totally irrational fear of piñatas
2. I feel more comfortable when i'm wearing mens clothing
3. I'm glad i don't have a dad, so i can date who i like
4. I pretend i'm injured so i don't have to do sport at school, because i'm lazy
5. My best friends are fictional book characters
6. Music is my addiction
7. My knee dislocates to often i can now push it out at will
8. I do ^ just to freak my friends out
9. My mum is my best girlfriend
10. I am rather in doubt that anyone made it to number 10 on this list

skynnbon3s skynnbon3s
18-21, F
1 Response Nov 30, 2012

ah ! i can so relate to number :2 ,4 ,5

Haha good to know i'm not alone!!

what ur image i cant see it

Its this picture saying "i dont like you...i love you" I just am jealous of the persons art abilities!

ok do you watch anime?

Sure do :D

what ur favorite ^^

Hmmmm...probably Elfen Lied or Death Note. You?

my top 10 not in order
Elfen lied
death note
naruto (shippuden too)
myself urself
rumbling heart
Sword art online
ghost hunt
to love ru
oh god so much more haha

Haha good choices :P i approve

haha im an otaku xD

Same :D

that awesome!

Hehe addicts united

yea haha ! i love when i find another otaku

So do i XD

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