Ten Possibly Unique Things About Myself.

1} I have scars everywhere on my body. I am proud of each one of them and I can tell you how
most of them got there.
2} I think I am addicted to love which is slightly dangerous in my opinion.
3} I can usually tell by someone's wording and body language how they feel about something.
(I pick up on subtle clues)
4} I am a night owl. I realize every morning that it was a bad idea to stay up.
5} I have an awesome imagination and often when I explain things people get jealous.
6} I remember my dreams. They are vivid. I can control the outcome if I don't like it.
7} I am currently driving on a suspended license (since yesterday) for failure to satisfy a judgement
against me for something that someone else did. (The other person wrecked me on purpose)
8} I am a hopeless romantic. Easy to take advantage of but I don't allow it.
9} I prefer the company of animals to most people. They are loyal and they need me.
10} I am blunt and sarcastic. I know how to not hurt feelings but sometimes it is required to knock someone off of their pedestal. I try to tone it all back for the most part though.
BaddBree BaddBree
18-21, F
Dec 1, 2012