10 Random Facts About Little Me

So I really have no idea how to pick just 10 things so I am going to do the first 10 facts that pop into my head and see how this list turns out I guess :)

1) I am in love with traveling. I am from the United States but I am currently living in Sydney Australia and my goal is to see as many countries during my life as possible.

2) My favorite color has always been RED and always will be.

3) I am an avid Boston sports fans. If I was to rank the Big 4 I would say Patriots - Bruins - Celtics - Red Sox

4) I absolutely love to bake and am addicted to watching the food network, my favorite show being Chopped.

5) I would say my best physical characteristic are my eyes. It is usually the first thing anyone says to m when I meet them which does get kind of annoying at times lol.

6) I am a runner! I ran track in high school and college, mostly mid distance, 400m was my specialty. A back injury ended my sophomore year before it started, and I am traveling my junior year so hope to return to track my senior year.

7) The first thing I notice about a girl is her eyes (Yes I know I am a hypocrite since I don't like people always looking at my eyes) but a girl with beautiful green eyes in particular is my weakness.

8) My favorite food of all time would have to be cheese ravioli.

9) I LOVE scary movies. I think what I enjoy most though is being with other people and seeing them get scared by the movies, it makes them more exciting when someone is jumping and grabbing you and yelling!

10) I am a huge animal lover. I would love to work with animals my whole life along with traveling. My favorite animal by far are Pandas.
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Nice share of 10. Looks like we have so much things in common. 1,4,9 and 10 is so me..:D

For 1, is it just the traveling part? You aren't in Australia are you?

4, you love to bake too!?!? It's hard to find guys who like to bake too.

9 - Scary movies, any recommendations?
10 - Favorite animals?

Wow we really do have a lot in common, those are probably some of the more defining things about me too

No im not from Australia. I am Asian.

Yeah i took a baking class back in High school. I love pastries in general.

Being a Scary movie lover, i believe you have already seen so much about it. But let me share to you some of my favorites that are not so known and see if there is one you are missing out

Hills Have Eyes
The Last House On The Left
I spit on your grave
Dream House
The Descent 1&2
Eden Lake
The Amytiville horror
The collector

Actually the list could go on forever..hahaha

I grew up taking care of birds, dogs and fish. But now i am more into dogs. :)

So glad you mentioned Dream House...saw it in theaters and made all my roommates watch it last week. The last house on the left was another one of my favorite, Eden Lake is good and I have to be in the mood for the Hills Have Eyes.

I really loved Insidiious. Did you ever see Wolf Creek? Scary it's based on Australia.

I have never had the chance to take a baking class, my ex girlfriend got me into baking and I've since continued it...I don't even have that much of a sweet tooth, I just love baking for people.

I actually have not seen Insidious and Wolf Creek yet, i have seen it's trailer only. Now that you've mentioned those i got a feeling that im missing out on the good
ones after all. Well, ill be downloading it tonight. I am usually alone in my room in the dark when i watch a movie. It kinda set my mood on the movie that im watching.

I know how to bake but i have not done it for a long time. How often do you bake?

Btw, how many countries have you already been to? And do you travel in Backpacking style?

I just remembered that i have seen Wolf Creek twice already..haha Yeah it was a real scary movie.

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