Things You Wouldn't've Expected..

1.) I skipped the 9th grade, I'm a junior and I'm 15.

2.) I was voted, by my class, most beautiful smile, most likely to succeed, and prettiest eyes in classes' awards.

3.) I'm Greek, French, and American.

4.)My big brother is my best friend:).

5.)I'm next in line to be captain of the Pom Pon team, as well as the Varsity track team.

6.)I live with my grandparents because my mother has disowned me.

7.) I see a therapist 3 times a week for PTSD and anxiety.

8.)I pile activities one on top of the other, to keep myself from attempting to kill myself again.

9.)I was raped by my stepfather, my mothers husband, when I was 13 on Halloween night of October 2010.

10.) I have a painted pearly white smile that I wear consistently to keep my family from thinking I'm having a hard time dealing; in reality it's a struggle to even get up in the morning.

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1 Response Dec 1, 2012

wow... Impressive.. Happy for you.. That's for the positive parts.. As for the negatives.. well. Nothing I can say that's remotely adequate.