10 Things About Little Odd Me..

1) My faveriote colour is Orange
2) I cannot spell for ****
3) Music is my escape, My one and only
4) I am bisexual
5) I have an adiction to online ****
6) I have an adiction to talking to older men online (I've kind of stoped now)
7) I have had sex over 10 times and i'm only 14
8) I am in love with 4 people
9) I live with my mum and stay with my dad every other weekend
10) I am usless. Worthless and a waste of space.
agirlconfusedbytheworld agirlconfusedbytheworld
13-15, F
3 Responses Dec 2, 2012

I used to feel the same. If you ever need to talk message me

U r not worthless, message me some time if u want to tlk

I also feel useless, worthless,and a waste of space at times but I then think of all the positive traits about myself. What do you do well? What about you do people enjoy? Do you have a sense of humor? Are you an amazing singer, artist, etc? TRY it!

Yeah i try, I find it really hard to find something i like about myself because of my depression but thank you for the advice means a lot <3

I struggle with depression, anxiety, & self esteem issues but I want to thank you for finding my advice meaningful. It means alot. Your welcome.