1.) I have shoulder length hair but still imagine myself with close cropped hair
2.) i only fantasize about men if i imagine they have vaginas
3.) i lean to the left when i kiss my girlfriend
4.) there's a flap of gum hanging over my left wisdom tooth
5.) i hate showering
6.) my celeb crush is q'orianka kilcher
7.) i'm obsessed with offshoots of the haunting of hillhouse
8.) i've always wanted to live in madison or deerfield wisconsin though i've never even spent a night there
9.) all my female friends are cutters, have SAD, are schitzo,or have adhd
10.) i'm making my gf a little storybook that's the story of us for our anniversary
Gracelovesyou Gracelovesyou
18-21, F
Dec 2, 2012