So I Heard You Want To Know 10 Things About Me?

1. My real name is actually Anastacia but I go by Stacey for short. I prefer it.

2. I'm very anti-social.

3. I've never had a true friend.

4. I'm straight-edge, No drug, no drink or promiscuous sex.

5. I love my mum more than anything.

6. I don't define my sexuality by a label and believe in free love. "Love as thou wilt."

7. Ancient Greece, the bronze age in particular, fascinates me.

8. Believes in Mind over matter.

9. I've stuffed from depression since I was 14.

10. I can sing. ^_^
StaceyNight StaceyNight
18-21, F
3 Responses Dec 2, 2012

Stacey may be easier to say, but Anastacia is a supremely beautiful name.

do you ever want a true friend experience?

Nice :)