If I Show You Mine Then You Have To Show Me Yours

1. I am 21 years old
2. I am a real person
3. I am into women
4. I am in the closet to my friends and family
5. I would marry wiz khalifa
6. I have blue eyes
7. I want to adopt kids one day
8. I had a bay at 18
9. I want to become a teacher
10. I am crazy
kayz91 kayz91
18-21, F
1 Response Dec 2, 2012

1) I am 43

2) I was divorced 8 years ago, for reasons that still **** me off.

3) But in the end, divorce was the best thing that happened to me.

4) I got married again just a few weeks ago.

5) I get to boss around a bunch of construction guys, which is a rush sometimes.

6) I was a major wallflower in high school, college and most of my (1st) marriage, until I discovered the power of cleavage.

7) I have blue eyes

8) I dye my hair and that's OK.

9) Someday, I'll get a breast job. Not to change them, just to put them back in place.

10) I have a crazy weakness for champagne.