10 Facts About Me

1) When I was 5 I was paranoid that aliens were going to take over and I still am.
2) I love Winne the Pooh,Demi Lovato,Miley Cryus, and Justin Bieber.
3) I never seen a Star Wars movie ever.
4)I can't touch my toes.
5) I'm scared of Santa Claus although he isn't real.
6) I been drawing since 3 yet i still can't draw a heart.
7)I used to write rude autographs to people i hate from there favorite idol's.
8)Im an Aquarius
9) I don't like Uggs because everyone wears them.
10)I like laughing at people but I dont like laughing.
MeganRegainedHerPride MeganRegainedHerPride
Dec 2, 2012