Who Am I?

1.) my name is allyah
2.) I am a fat ugly person
3.) I like to sing
4.) I also like to draw(mostly manga type stuff I will put some up in my profile gallery so stay tuned ^^)
5.) my favorite number is five since I was a five year old, I had to have five everything :3
6.) I'm difficult to get along with because I'm picky when it comes to people, I can immediately sense the type of people I either want in my life or simply don't need them at all.
7.) I right poetry sometimes, it's all free verse because I suck at rhyming :s but my poems are at least meaningful(stay tuned^^)
8.)I currently hate guys right now because one broke my heart to pieces and lit it on fire(stay tuned^^)
9.) I'm not very girly at all so I get along with guys better than other girls unless they are just like me :)
10.) I am a real person :)
Lilcrazyducky93 Lilcrazyducky93
18-21, F
1 Response Dec 2, 2012

Don't ever say you are fat and ugly. Don't put ur self down