My Random 10

10: I like going against the grain.
*giggles* probably the reason I started my list backwards
9: I love to sing
8: Love trying new things.........adventurous nature.
7: Have a goofy sense of humor
6: A habitual procrastinator
5: My favorite candies are 3 Musketeers and Junior Mints
4: Not a morning person
3: Have a touch of OCD
2: Have a competitive side
1: Extremely ticklish

girlfaith girlfaith
36-40, F
2 Responses Dec 3, 2012 that's why I'm always having to wait to talk with you!

*giggles* it's a problem I'm working on, but it's doesn't directly relate to things I enjoy doing *winks*

Great list! Gotta love the "ticklish gigglers" in any crowd!! :D