10 Things About Me

here is 10 things about me:
1. when i listen to music i don't care about the lyrics I just want a good rhythm
2 I've only one thing in my life i regret saying
3.I'm vegetarian
4.I give up easily but then i back trying..it is like i'm taking a break
5.I'm moody..it is like I have so many personalities
6.I'm ready to travel around the world anytime
7.I want to live again in a place where i can be free & do what i want without anyone decides for me how i should live or what i should do
8.I'm insane about cats..i love them :D
9.I like to be the better person ..if you are nice to me i do my best to be nicer ..if you are mean i do my best to be meaner ..etc (yes that's my definition of being the better person)
10.I love watching WWE
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1 Response Jan 20, 2013

Regarding music, I'm the same way, I also like the sound of some songs and choose songs based on sound rather than lyrics. I have felt guilty about that regarding gospel music especially. I thought I should be interested in the message of the song. I also am a vegetarian, and I have had cats with my family.