Everything You've Never Wanted to Know About Fungirl...

 1)      I have lost over 300 pounds in the last 5 years.

2)      My best friend is Silver01TA.  I adore this man so much that my new puppy is named after him.

3)      My family walked out on me about 5 years or so ago and with the exception of my sisters I have no family in my life.  I have talked to my mother three times in four years and my father four times.

4)I am very involved in charity.  I give a lot of money and time to several charities: 

·         I am particularly interested in prenatal care for all women regardless of their economic situation.  Sometimes even with the best of care things happen but every baby deserves to be given the best chance at life. I helped start a program in my area for this purpose.  It takes a lot of volunteers to keep this going.

·         Animal Rescue.  I love animals and I can’t stand to think about the number of animals that are euthanized every year.  I am involved with several animal rescue organizations and also help with a spay/neuter alliance that provides low/no cost.

·         Breast Cancer Awareness/Research: Heck everyone knows that I love my breasts.  They bring me a lot of pleasure but what most of you didn’t realize is that for the last month you have been looking at my breast complete with a lacey “breast cancer awareness pink bra” on my avatar!!!!

·         Domestic Violence Prevention

·         Cervical/Ovarian Cancer Research- My sister was diagnosed with stage IIB (I think that is how you write it but it is said 2 b).   Her ovarian cancer progressed however and she has had surgery as the treatment to that and they removed one of her ovaries and one of her fallopian tubes.


5)      I have 4 degrees including Business Administration and Accounting Degrees; however I cringe when I consider that I may have become an accountant.  Oh God I hate numbers. I see them dancing and taunting me sometimes in my dreams. I also have several computer certifications and training certifications for several applications.  I am also taking a graphics web design class.

6)      Most of you know that I write erotica and poetry, but I also write song lyrics, short stories, children’s stories, and I am currently working on a historical novel set during the US Civil War period.

7)      I traveled for my job up until they froze our travel a couple of months ago.  This travel, combined with my personal travel, has allowed me to visit every US State as well as many foreign countries including  Argentina. India, Egypt, Turkey, Mexico, India, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, and the Philippines.

8)      I only eat whole foods and limit my intake of meats to fish and chicken primarily.  No sugar for fungirl either.

9)       I have met a lot of folks from EP in real life and therefore I am not quite as anonymous as EP may want us to be. LOL

10)      I sleep with a stuffed animal that Silver01TA bought me in the UT-Austin’s Bookstore.  It is an adorable, although large, cow and it is the softest thing I have ever felt.  I know it is silly but I look at that cow and I realize how much he truly loves me and how blessed I am to have his friendship.  He is an awesome man and if you haven’t taken the time to get to know him you should.

11)  Wow this is harder than I thought it would be. Finally number 10 would be I have big feet.  8 1/2 to 9 1/2 narrow but  I love high heels. I especially like Italian leather. I love the smell, the feel, and the look of the leather.


Okay there you go…. Everything you never wanted to know about FGMMM!


And enough about me... tell me all about yourself because God knows I just told you my whole life story.


EDITED `12/18/2009 to fix numbering.


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Oh my. Glad some things have changed, and not so glad some things have changed. Love you girlfriend.

I love you too.

I keep trying to like things on here. Too funny.

LMBO me too. I can't always use the reply thingee so it is a treat on stpories that let me open it without a java script error and I take advantage like a little kid. :)

i know sometimes some of us come and go, but you are always here, thank you fungirlmmm for being here for us! we love you!

Thanks you for having me and for always being so kind to me.

So, this was nearly 4 years ago. Is there an epilogue or an update?

There are many things I could add to this but then it would make it very long lol.

Did you marry the giver of the stuffed cow?

No, but we are still very good friends. He has his girlfriend and I have my man still but we are still good friends.

You do know that Buenos Aires is not a country, but a city in Argentina?

Yes, i had planned to list the cities but it was too long and went back and edited the story and forgot to change it to Argentina.

Okay I fixed it and added a couple of countries.

Can you tell I was once an editor? :)


My, My we have a lot in common nice post

I always was impressed. I'm more so now.

Thanks Toffee

Thanks ladies. #3 has changed since I wrote this and I spend time with my family when I can although most of you can understand that after many years apart it becomes hard because people grow in different directions.

I don't mine if you look at my pics it will say jewels pics and I think it says, just me and that is me in the hot pink, I don't mind if you know what I look like, it was taken last year. I'm 47and I'm a grandma.<br />
I would like to start swimming at the Y this year, I love to swim and it would be great exercise, I need more exercise as I've been off work.

Wow woman, you are AMAZING!!

I love talking to you TXW. You are awesome and very interesting.

LMAO IH... He has corrected me on that several times since I wrote this and some other stories about it. I love that BEVO!!!! It went to the hospital with me and everything. I have three things in my life that there is not enough money in the world to buy them from me. My dog, a very special rock, and the Cow that Silver bought me. (BEVO) .... LOL I like calling it a cow now because I know it bugs him.

FG, thanks for the information about yourself. I love the way you put yourself out there for people. But one thing, honey...<br />
That huge stuffed cow is BEVO, the UT Austin mascot Longhorn, not just a cow. Hook 'em Horns!

So much info, so much to talk about. So many interests. I hope your novel involves all of the above. Poetry,rommance erotica and maybe some mountain music or a folk song.We are similar in a lot of ways but I only wish I could do all those things.

wow. i admire you even more after everything i just read. you really are a wonderful person....the accounting degree kind of caught me off guard...lol

Shy, It amazes me how much alike we are and how many life experiences we have shared. I am sure we would be great friends if we ever met in real life. You are right about Silver. He is the exact same person on EP and off and if you are his friend he will do anything for you. He amazes me.

LMAO!!!! Good and Plenty lol.

You said plenty!

No way Silver. Think about the Brsthday Cake Ice Cream... Did I say anything other than I wish I could have some?

You my dear... have a dirty mind!

I never said the M&M's were for moral purposes glance. I told you what they are for. LOL<br />
<br />
Silver, Shut up!!! Who gives the best snickerdoodles!!!! Answer me that. Just because I don't eat it doesn't mean you can't. There are lots of things that I won't eat that I would watch you eat without any problems! LOL<br />
<br />
CJ, You know that we all love you and that we all love eac other as well. Where else would you get all this feminine support in the real world. Gosh I love EP too. LOL I may go cry now! Happy tears of course.<br />
<br />
NK, yet another reason I adore you sweetie.<br />
<br />
Snowy, You are so right! I love my pink friend.

My new avatar is all because of you...and trhe fact you know I love pink...lol. Thanks for making it for me...I love it!

Oh SB I love you girl and the new avatar rocks in all pink. It is soooooo you gf.

Yup. Me and FG cant hang out... Im a sugar fiend!!

FG- you forgot to add you are a giving and loyal woman...oh yea and your peanut butter reccomendations ROCK!!

cjewels-I am so proud of you getting out of an abusive relationship. It takes alot...trust me I know where you are coming from.<br />
I have to say you are very loved by many ppl I know and they think the world of you. Although I know what it feels like to be around ppl and feel unloved, take comfort in knowing you are loved. <br />
I have seen your jewelry pics and it is beautiful you have a true gift.

Hehe no I am most certainly weird lol. I let my freak flag fly proudly lol and in so many ways.

See I am weird.. I don't look at people's profile pics unless they ask me to look. For example I only knew what EricS looks like about 5 weeks ago bc he told me to go look at his pics. I just don't look at them. I will go look now.

Well you can't say that you are unloved any longer young lady because I love you!!!! Yeah I said it fungirl loves her friend, cjewels because she is adorable!!!!<br />
<br />
I am so proud of you for taking the action to get out an abusive situation!!!! It is all uphill from where you are now. You know you deserve a man that is going to respect you and love you for you not some impossible a$$hole.<br />
<br />
In response to number 4.. there is something you can help me with mmmm mmmmm he is so beautiful. I am kidding of course but he is so beautiful. I will help you with number 5 if you want. I will teach you some little tips so you won't be so shy. ALL MY REAL LIFE FRIENDS with the exception of HBY and Snowy are men!!!! Beta is sitting here with me and he is shaking his head saying and it is hell on my boyfriends! LOL<br />
<br />
Tell me more about your jewelry please!!! Ahhh your screenname. I love jewelry especially bold statement jewelry.

OOPS my numbering messed up and I did 11.. oh well it is a bonus lol