One Through Ten....

There is nothing too revealing listed below but definitely some things that make me tick....

1. Christmas is my favorite holiday and yes I still believe in Santa Claus! This is a special time of year spent with family and friends. I love decorating, watching all the Christmas movies with the kids and shopping =).

2. I love to write, by writing my thoughts down it helps me keep my sanity (ok.. at least a little).

3. Pink is my favorite color.

4. I love SNOW! It is so magical ~

5. I am sometimes my own worst enemy.

6. I am a romantic....I have a dreamer's soul..I think one of the most romantic things I could imagine is writing or receiving a true love letter....

7. I love stuffed animals., especially bunnies.

8. I love music, all kinds of music and how it makes me feel when I hear it. The words, the melody and how it relates to situations in my life.

9. I work WAYYYY too much and I have always been this way. 

10. I believe in ghosts.

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21 Responses Nov 22, 2008

BTM- thank you so much! You are such a sweet friend and you have a big heart too :)

That's just one of the many reasons I love you CK!!

Pink is my favorite color, too!!

thrash- i believe EP and the friends you make here do help. I am here to support you in any way possible. Always remember you are appreciated and loved for just being you :)

Thrash- thank you my friend! You know me, its usually all or nothing. You are a gem sweetie :)

stratos- I think you hit the nail on the head with my idea of a perfect Christmas morning ;)<br />
<br />
marcus101-thanks for the extra points ...<br />
<br />
FG- me, bunnies and the color pink..mmmm good :)<br />
<br />
EL- Great list ... <br />
<br />
Nyxie- too funny :)

I can vouch for the "Unruly."

Affable<br />
Articulate<br />
Funny<br />
Gregarious<br />
Professorial<br />
Caring<br />
Thoughtful<br />
Spiritual<br />
Creative<br />

Marcus, I love your list of Snowy's attributes! Will you write us another mushbusket story? I am in need right now of a mushbucket story.<br />
<br />
Stratos, I think that Snowy looks hot in pink!!! Hell if I was a man I would do her! LOL Seriously that was one of the first things Snowy told me about herself so I always think of Snowy when I see rabbits or something in that perfect shade of pink that she loves so much. It is funny how some people just touch your life like that I guess.

stratos:<br />
<br />
I'd say you've got it pretty close, I think...LOL<br />
<br />
Some extra points, snowbunny, hon:<br />
<br />
11. You are very intense and passionate, particularly about things you believe in..<br />
<br />
12. You are loyal and trusting, and do your best to do the right thing by everyone, even if it sometimes comes at your own cost.<br />
<br />
13. You are very open and giving, and your heart is very full.<br />
<br />
14. You are very connected to your friends and always have and make time for them.<br />
<br />
(lots more points where those came from...*winks*)<br />
<br />

Thanks EricS...give into your real desire to appreciate pink...come on, you know you wanna =)

I've lost another soul in my war against the pink. Bah!<br />
<br />
You seem like a good egg though. :P*

nkenny47...thanks regarding your compliment on the avatar and yes I adore the color pink ;)

Just sayin clueless....I mean stratos :). I so love to give you a hard time :P

Aww FG you are so sweet :). You forgot that one too...just sayin. I am blessed as well.

Oh and you forgot you are one of the best real life friends a girl (or guy for that matter) could possibly have! I am so blessed to have you Snowy Bun Buns!

stratos- ahh cluelessness...I will always associate you and's like peanut butter and jelly...peas and carrots....just sayin :P

BF- I was just getting ready to say at least a few pots! <br />
<br />
Stratos- am I being too predictable ? lol...

Stratos- yes I did say pink...are you surprised

WOW do know me well my best friend! I think you owe me a cup or

Aww thanks cjewels, thats so sweet and yes we do share some of the same attributes :)