My Ten Things.

·         43 years young

·         Married of 22 of those years.

·         Hazel eyes.

·         Love to explore (in reality I do it through books.)

·         When I dream, I dream of flying.

·         I like to find out how things work, which is followed closely by I like to fix things.

·         I believe in soul mates and twin souls

·         I want to discover something no one else has

·         I still make wishes on falling stars

·         I will always be a kid at heart


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6 Responses Dec 19, 2008

I think they look blue more than hazel!

The 10 things about me are 1. I am 43 yrs old, 2. I am 5ft, 5 inches tall, 3. I have a history of Blood Clots, 4. I like to work on Jigsaw puzzles, 5. I like to do Plastic canvas Needlepointing, 6. I like to go for walks, on a breezy day, and feel the wind in my hair,7. I have Diabetes, 8. I have a blood disorder that doctors are not sure what it is and what caused it. 9. I am happy alot, and 10. I am getting married next June.

The innocence of youth combined with a curious mind, add in child like faith and that is what I want to be. The magic and wonder of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. The mystery of finding glass in the desert from lightning strikes. I want to go back to the wonder of things. I miss that, life keeps pushing in from the sides and I find myself putting things into neat little categories and definitions and I forget to just experience life.

My dad told me once that he used to cringe when I would come up stairs a few hours after I started playing with some battery powered car or something and tell him. “Hey dad that motor has magnets in it” Then he showed me how to put it back together.

all these things are so nice :)<br />
it's kinda interesting... flying in dreams is like a escape from reality, by learning how things work you want to understand the reality and you still remain a child. :)<br />
that's great :)

My passion started when I was a kid and someone would give me their old watch or wind up alarm clock. Taking them apart and sometimes getting them back together was a whole new world for me.