Ten About Me!

As if I don't already have enough stories about me. =p

1. I am positive - It's a new attitude of mine. I guess I've always had it, but I had lost it for years. Now I have it back. :-D

2. I love rpg video games - I like many video games, but enjoy the role-playing ones the most. No, I'm not afraid of turn-based fighting. =p

3. I'm totally passionate - A nice way of saying, "clingy". lol. Whether it's friendships or romantic relationships, I don't know how to leave people alone. XD

4. I am much like my zodiac signs! - I am very much so like my Scorpio sign... and the chinese zodiac, Monkey. So... RUN!!!! lol. =p

5. I am a hopeless romantic! - Romance is the core of my soul. No, I'm not highly into those romance flicks or novels. They're too... hmm... what's the word.... bland! Well, to me. I have my own thoughts and feelings on what true romance is. Heehee! :-D

6. I have an adventurous side! - Even though I am dealing with Social Anxiety, the thought of hopping on a plane for the first time and flying to Ireland to bug my best friends have an allure! I would be there now, if only I had the money... Feh. :-/

7. I fear rejection! - So much so... sigh. Not of friends so much. But romantically. It's because I've been rejected too many times, based on my looks. It is something that I'm working on. ;-)

8. I love COFFEE!!!! - I can't start my day or function without it! Yum! :-D

9. Philip is my best friend! - If anyone knows me the best here on EP, it's him. Besides my sister, of course. Don't throw rocks at me, sis! :-o

10. I'm a goofy goober! - Nuff said. =p

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9 Responses Jan 6, 2009

im only naked at bath time-lol

Whatever the cause, I wish you well and health!

Whatever the ills, I hope that you overcome them soon!

Thanks for the hug, but please do take care of yourself!

Please do, my wife was very anemic and it greatly contributed to the failure of her health. Work with your doctor and take care of yourself. You are too wonderful and we need you here at EP and on this earth for a long time to come.

So does iron, I hope you are taking it, but be careful with your digestive track!

I get cold easy and useually put my clothes back on!

I hope your training is coming along well. It does require too much more than enjoying being nude. Or are there special tricks that I am not aware of them?

You forgot to mention that you are not a nudist! lol