Ten Things

i. i wonder if someone could recognize my 99.9% anonymous profile by just my sincere experiences & thoughts.

ii. i have been writing poetry in my language again these days.

iii. i'm really working toward and hoping to get published this time.

iv. i have done a lot of things i thought i couldn't.

v. i enjoy giving gifts & making people happy.

vi. i wish my boyfriend did the same...

vii. i'm not sure i want to have sex with him yet, to be honest.

viii. i overanalyze.

ix. i compare myself to others and deep down yearn for approval.

x. it's funny how painfully intense my need for affection is and how i deny myself affection from most people close to me.


naranja naranja
26-30, F
2 Responses Jan 13, 2009

Best of luck and remember GOD doesn't make junk

Good luck in all. In no. IX, learn to love yourself because you are much more than you can ever imagine!