Not In Order

1.   love to laugh

2.   am positive and optimistic

3.   want another child

4.   am aspiring to be published

5.   am trusting

6.   love my life and my son

7.   don't let things bother me

8.   am grateful for my close friends

9.   want to move out of FL

10. want to be financially self sufficient

GoddessNakiBean GoddessNakiBean
36-40, F
9 Responses Feb 9, 2009

There are no mountains in Florida. I lived in Orlando for two years and enjoyed the city, the attractions, the vicinity of the beaches and the access to nude beaches also!

Thank you TP! <br />
nudeinva... what part of Central FL? *curious* At one time I was thinking Orlando, but I miss the mountains.

BTW, you want to move out of FL and I want to move back down to central FL! How funny!



*Blushing DEEP RED* Thank you! *tears*

If anyone that I have met at EP deserves to have/keep all 1-10 its you. Its weird, I have never "realy" met you but I want to be your cheer leader. At 65 and ill its best we are on this alternative reality! YES YOU CAN!!! IF YOU CAN'T DO IT NOBODY CAN!!! GOOOO GODDESSNAKIBEAN!!! best of luck girl...DD

*deeply blushing* Thanks for reminding me! *smiling*

You forgot to mention that you put a smile on the face of all the people you meet!