1.  I am divorced.

2.  I am in school, and have tested out of many of the required classes/pre-reqs for other classes.

3.  I have allergies to a great many things.

4.  I am a Godmother, but not much of a fairy...

5.  I am a brunette, with blue eyes.

6.  I am a gemini.

7.  I love kids more than life itself.

8.  I am shy, and have trouble making new friends.

9.  I don't like to talk about myself.

10.  I want to pass it on, to the next person to tell us 10 things about them.  LOL.  (is that cheating?)

skinnybitch skinnybitch
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8 Responses Feb 10, 2009

LOL. Well, that was given to me by myself! Usually striking and myself aren't put together, except in the physically abusive sense of the word! LOL.<br />
<br />
I like my name. It is more risky than I am, but here, there isn't much of a risk of being found out. LOL. The online me, that is who I really am. I am not afraid to be rejected for being myself here. If someone doesn't like me, then that is their problem. Right? LOL.

well your name certainly is! =)

Thank you. I appreciate the wording on that. Not often something about me is considered striking.

Yes, but mixed with pretty blue eyes is striking! :)

Well, I use the term brunette in a general way. In the sunlight, or the right lighting it is actually a deep red color. In bad lighting it usually looks brown. LOL.

Ohh a brunette with blue eyes! How lovely!!

yay for geminis!! :D we are so awesome!

Me too, and imaginary friends! LOL.