10 Things About Me

1) I have OCD but it works for me most of the time

2) I am the s in a D/s relationship

3) Most of my friends know the first but not the second

4) I like OTK  spankings

5) My Grandfather and i are the only 2 in the family with tattoos

6) I own a Beagle and a half...the other dog is a cross creed! lol

7) only Sir (out of all my real time friends) knows I am on this site and he has never read my posts

8) my dream state is Alaska

9) I am a cancer suvivor

10) I would like to own a store that sold "toys" and things for alternative lifestyle sessions.

ThankYouSir ThankYouSir
41-45, F
3 Responses Feb 20, 2009

here are 10 "normal" things about me:<br />
1) I was a teacher for 20 years<br />
2) I read almost anything with print<br />
3) I love the sound of the ocean<br />
4) I like to mow the lawn<br />
5) I don't like purses<br />
6) I really like artichokes<br />
7) I love to snowshoe but have only gone once this year<br />
8) I have had I have had 7 surgeries but still have my tonsils!<br />
9) I like to watch Suvivor<br />
10) I bet you found the first 10 more interesting! lol

I hate these Quizzes!

well ive learned alot-thanks