I Am...

I feel very frivolous at the moment.

So whatever i'm gonna say is true.

1) I love myself a lil too much

2) I love my friends. I can do anything to see a smile on their faces.

3) My family is my backbone. I can't imagine myself without them.

4) I CANNOT lie. No matter how hard i try.(Yeah. i tried real hard!)

5) I can't stand cruelty. Be it towards humans or animals.


7) Oh! i'm tall!! like 5'11!

8) I am short tempered. i'm trying not to be that way though.

9) One day, i'm gonna buy dad the car of his choice and we are gonna race. :D

10) I am told that i am not an easy person to entertain. I am also told that i am very stubborn and its virtually impossible to deal with me. My grandmum thinks i should've been a boy. And for all these reasons, i love who i am :)

siddha siddha
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 25, 2009

thanks:)<br />
and about loving myself too much, i meant to say i'm a little selfish..or so i'm told!