10 Things About Me

  • I overanalyze everything.
  • I am a serious procrastinator but always on time.
  • I write everyday of my life.
  • I dance around my living room to rock bands that no one likes.
  • I live inside my head.
  • I let the littlest things get under my skin.
  • I only bother with people who I believe are worth it.
  • I live for Friday night and Saturday afternoon outings.
  • I wear my prom dress on rainy days.
  • My friends mean the world to me.
LaurLaur LaurLaur
18-21, F
2 Responses Mar 5, 2009

Crocs are the best! ;)

Those are pretty neat things, especially #9 and #10! Here goes: 1. Compassion is my most precious value and gift 2. I LOVE all felines 3. I love the earth 4. I write every day, too 5. I have friends all over the world 6. I am multicultural 7. I love world music, film, and writing 8. Advocating for positive change is a must for me, on a daily basis 9. I love the desert 10. I like to wear Crocs!