Loves N' Hates

LIKE:music ,concerts ,being in love ,sex ,food ,when it rains ,mice ,souvlaki ,locomondo(greek band) ,methismena xwtika(same) ,xasma(same) ,lookin for my dream guy(with a personality looks n cult) ,the center of athens which is da city wher i live ,travels ,funny people ,people who show their true colors right from the beginning ,ancient ****** greek ,laughing ,making others laugh ,manu chao ,smoking after food ,nose tongue and ear piercings ,people with a personal style ,deep thoughts and talks ,nargile ,books ,craven ,nose criques ,rusty hair ,cool scarfs and caps ,frogs ,cooked frog legs ,these hot summer moments on islands when u spend the whole day with friends and guitars on the beach..

HATE:fakes ,raw cheese ,girls and boys behaving and dressing not their age ,passive people and commerce-victims ,hi-tec gadgets ,chesterfield smokes ,maths and physics and all ,stereotypes ,TV...and this sad thing that makes us all lonely and lost ,the one that makes us livin in a neighborhood for years ignoring who lives next door

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9 Responses Mar 5, 2009

look ill edit this eating under rain thing!

lol i like food when it rains too.but i forgot to put there r so many ******* greeat things ive forgotten to put

That's the first mention of souvlaki 've seen on EP. :)<br />
I also like food when it rains. <br />
Mice? Possibly not a hobo's best friend. :/<br />
Or did you mean when it rains you like to eat a mice souvlaki? Mm yum! :)<br />
I'm so adding you!

Thanks a zillion.

thnks!well,i liked you ill add u as a friend:)

Thanks. Fondues and dips are great also!

no:p.i just hate the taste and the smell of raw cheese.otherwise i love it when its melted!

No problem. Why do you hate cheese, if you do not mind my asking, are you lactose intolerant?

actually sory for writing more thn ten things,but i forgot myself