1. I have a driving urge to understand myself, which leads me to seem a little egotistical. At least to myself.

2. My Aunt was Schizophrenic
and committed suicide, my mother is Bi-polar, and everybody else on my mom's side is just crazy.

3. I am attracted to sad stories and such-as long as they have a happy ending.

4. Beauty and The Beast was my favorite movie when I was little because of the death scene at the end.

5. I can't go to the library because everytime I check out books I have the urge to steal them away and never bring them back.

6. I am not very good with touching or showing emtotion, but secretly I wish I could and I cherish every time my friend holds my hand.

7. I argue with myself and some nameless person out loud.

8. I am not easily motivated.

9. Musicians make me terribly sad and jealous, because I don't understand music at all even if I do love and connect to it.

10. I love big old houses. There is red brick house with a green roof, large windows, three stories, an iron fence, and this really large old tree in the front yard that I stop and stare at on my way to school every day.

Orypeci Orypeci
18-21, F
Mar 5, 2009