Out of Place Here Old Guy !!

I see everyone is young and female well here goes from the other side.

1. I grew up in NH 2. Live in MN now3. Married over 35 years 4. no kids-planned that way 5. love to travel esp to tropics 6. prefer nature to people 7. not in best of health so lot I can;t do 8. like cats not dogs 9. Am a Parrothead 10.don't have close friends

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56-60, M
4 Responses Mar 11, 2009

Congrats on the marriage! That takes effort! Sorry to hear about your health. As for friends, I know how ya feel. If ya ever need to talk I'm here! xxx

Hahahahaaaa. Have you seen Art Mann Presents on HDNet, he goes to parties and he went o a Buffet concert,, well not the concert, just the party in the parking lot. It was pretty crazy and fun! The concert was something that interfered with the partying!

Most I ever went to in one year was 6 probably over 30 total can recall most concerts...now the parking lots get fuzzy

How many Buffet concerts have you been to? How many do you remember? lol