Here Goes Nothing..

1. I HATE cleaning.

2. I'm a major procrastinator.

3. I'm terrified of watching movies based off of books I read, for fear it will ruin the books for me.

4. I love reading and writing fanfiction about books movies and video games.

5. I'd rather spend time with animals than people.

6. I love watching scary movies even though I can't sleep afterwards.

7. I secretly wish unicorns, dragons, elves and mermaids existed.

8. I held a wedding ceremony between myself and Link from Zelda:Ocarina of Time when I was twelve. I still consider it valid. XP

9. I'm terrified of growing up.

10. I'm a hopeless romantic, who's never experienced romance.

Lyxie Lyxie
18-21, F
16 Responses Feb 12, 2010

You were snuggled down in your quilt so far you dutch ovened yourself?

For some unknown reason I had flashbacks of the Bog of Eternal Stench the other day. No idea why.

haha David Bowie is scary **** in that movie. I think if I watched Labyrinth on acid I'd end up in an asylum.

yes it was benis<br />
<br />
Labyrinth - check out how tight bowie's trousers were lol

And we can't forget the labrynth

ya. by Hans Christian Andersen if im not mistaken

Dark Crystal was good. Those old guys moved way too slow to ever save the world.

Yeah I remember reading the original as a kid......I was proper gutted lol


In the original "Little Mermaid", she becomes seafoam lol

its ok Bleed. We won't tell anyone :) Secret of Nimh and Dark Crystal are some other good classics

My ending is better than sea foam.

I loooooove that film. Shhhhh don't tell but I have it on dvd and had lady amalthea as my avi on FB for a while

Ya, but not with Lixie. She needs to know.<br />
And I think Unicorns are narwalls. Remember that cartoon "The last Unicorn"? The beast pushed all the unicorns into the sea where they disappeared into the waves. They didn't become sea foam. They grew flippers. True story.

Didn't we already have this conversation about the dragons?

Umm dragons did. We call them dinosaurs now.