Why Not?

10. i have to count certain things. like if i order 10 chicken nuggets. i always count them to make sure they're all there. Sometimes theres an extra.
9. I love sleeping when its cold. Even if its 22 degrees outside. my window is open and I'll add a blanket.
8. I live in flip-flops.
7. My daughter saved my life.
6. I really enjoy reading about serial killers.
5. i want to be a criminal psychologist someday.
4. Im secretly in love with a new friend I recently made online.
3. Im soo not in love with a recent friend online I just know he'll read this and that will make him laugh.
2. Im emotionally detached and I like it that way.
1. I will always be a California girl.
Lexila Lexila
26-30, F
4 Responses Feb 18, 2010

I'm a giver.

How sweet. All over my shoes...

Oh, oh, oh WAIT FOR IT.......<br />
..........<br />

Awwww, you DO have feelings for me. <3