Almost Everything About Me

1. My real name is not Jamey. Its actually completely different.

2. I have a pet gunia pig who loves cotton candy and baths.

3. I always wear multicolored knee socks to anger my grandmother... and i always mismatch them.

4. Im very shy. I dont even look at casheers when i buy something. Or reply when they say have a good day.

5. I have talk with myself when i have a problem. (I got detention once for doing it outloud during a test)

6. I cannot stand the sight of any bodily fluids. I barf.

7. I am dislexic and have ADD.

8. My favorite song is Its cool, we can still be friends, by Bright Eyes. 

9. I bite my bottom lip when i get nervous...and im always nervous.

10. I do in fact shower naked.

Jameycakes Jameycakes
18-21, M
2 Responses Feb 28, 2010

I had a guinea too =] great with the socks haha^^

NICE TEN DUDE - Thanks for sharing...I laughed at the knee socks - your poor granny ha ha ha...I love talking to the check out girls - its great to make silly talk with them...makes their day