Ten Things About Me

i am a noncoformist.

i tend to challenge ideas just out of curiousity

i dont love chocolates or sweets

i enjoy spending my time web-surfing or house decorating,

im a night owl, and i could stay uplate whenever i want to except that i have to spare some energy for the morning work.

i like music, but im not a fan of female vocalists.

im attracted to flowers almost as much as the bees do

i liked reading books but i cut that habit because it uses up my time, and it makes my eyes tired

i like collecting stuff, but i prefer my place to be free of these collections because they become an eye sore for me.

i own stuff like a handy swiss knife, some screwdrivers, a soldering gun, a hammer and nails, aside from my kikay kit and high-heels, this is because i enjoy doing the repairs myself and having all the needed instruments available.

luvinrain luvinrain
1 Response Feb 28, 2010

I love pro football.<br />
I really want to get rid of all the clutter in my basement.<br />
I miss my family terribly and wish I could move back home.<br />
I'm tired of winter.<br />
Potholes annoy me.<br />
I went ice skating last night for the first time in 16 years.<br />
Chocolate is like crack to me.<br />
I wish I could play the cello.<br />
I'd like to travel to Japan some day.<br />
I am the queen of obscure trivia.