First Of All, I Think This Logo Is Retarded...

All right...

1) I am a white wolf therian that really does not want to be stuck in this damn human body.

2) I am very involved in music.  I listen every day, and it is totally unavoidable, as I play the saxaphone in band class and have private lessons, and I also play in my school's jazz band.  I also play the drumkit on my own time.

3) I should not be in this body.  It was surely a mistake.  I should have been in a wolf body, am I correct?

4) I read.  All the time in school, you'll find my eyes buried in a wolf novel!

5) School is easy.  Effortless.  Like butter...

6)I find my real serenity in nature and in the woods, where true life swells healthily.  I also hate industry above all.

7) I have a strange interest in medieval times, swords, bows, arrows, daggers, torches, castles, you get it!

8) I am a dead-eye with a bow and arrow!

9) I actually have set up an "undesireable" reputation in my school as being "too weird".

10) My most dark secret of all.......  If you want to know, you would have to be my friend, not even my family knows!

TheArcticWolf TheArcticWolf
13-15, M
Feb 28, 2010