Ten Little Details About Me That You Probably Don't Know..

1. I love my sister but am insanely jealous of her, she's the smart one, the kind one, the perfect daughter. I wouldn't want her to be less, but I wish I could be more.

2. I absolutely love bracelets. I have so many beautiful ones that I use, most of them gifts, all have a special meaning to me. My favorite is one me and my sister made from scratch for my 18th birthday. It had 18 charms (One came off, but it's kept in a box so that when I go home I'll put it back), each one picked out individually, in all the colors of the rainbow. I love color!! :D (My purse is actually bright pink!)

3. I have one purple sweater that I've had for over 10 years now. It was the last piece of clothing I bought in South Africa, I wear it constantly around the house, it's similar to the concept of "comfort food" but in clothing. I'm wearing it right now.

4. I've come to love my hair. I used to hate the curls, but i love them now. I dyed my hair dark red about a year ago and most of the color is still there, but I can't wait for it to get out. I miss the natural red highlights I used to have when I would walk into the sun.

5. I don't wear a watch. Although I'm used to things on my wrists watches just feel wrong somehow.

6. I love sleeping, but I prefer to stay up late and then sleep during the day. This gets me into some problems because of school.

7. I used to hate talking on the phone but now I love it! I think it's because I'm becoming more comfortable with myself.

8. I prefer books to movies. I dislike horror movies the most, but I love all fantasy related books.

9. I've lived in 7 different homes. The last three alone or with roommates. I've lived in two cities close to the ocean (the last time I could actually see the ocean), close to the mountains once and in a country's capital twice.

10. The only way I'll eat yogurt is if it's frozen. I love taking up to an hour to eat the darn things :D So much fun!

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3 Responses Mar 2, 2010

I completely agree with your number 1 statement, I have the same problem! My sister is good at everything it makes me super jealous of her! She can do no wrong, but I still love her.. even though she gets away with everything and never gets in trouble.

Frozen yoghurt? Sounds... charming.<br />
Did you know you can freeze Danoninos with a stick in it and get a kind of ice lolly? I used to do that when I was a kid.

Curly hair is gorgeous!