10 Tidbits

1. I used to weigh 450+ lbs 2. single mom 2 boys (one is an MP and was in iraq - 21 and the other is paralyzed -19 3. working hard to make my life what i desire if i don't like..i change it! 4. i live with my mother who is demanding and i resent (this too will change) 5. i am afraid to date again having been single for 5 mos...i am skittish 6. vanilla sex bores me 7. i enjoy volunteering 8. i like that i am in the med field 9. i cruise men like pieces of meat and enjoy the fact they have no clue of my thoughts 10. i love chit chatting and flirting on my web cam

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2 Responses Mar 2, 2010

ummm means outside of BDSM. i like it rough and nasty. vanilla is like you are so beautiful and wonderful, kiss kiss. and i am like oh you need this don't you with hair pulled etc during the act. eh...everyone has their thing i guess

#9 - LOL Right on, sister! :)<br />
Forgive me for being so shelter, but what is vanilla sex? LOL Do I want to know?