Ten Things About Me.

1. My day hasn't started before I ate my favourite breakfast, buttermilk with wheat cookies.

2. I can't stand the smell of macaroni, it just makes me want to run away.

3. I knew the alphabet before I could walk, though I'm still not quite sure if I just spoke early or started walking late.

4. I'm tone-deaf, but I love to sing.

5. A day full of cartoons and discovery channel is what I call a good, productive day. Hey, at least I should know some new facts. ;)

6. I can't stand boredom. If I have one minute of nothing to do, I'll play Snake on my mobile, or grab a book. I read the newspaper during dinner, 'cause I find eating incredibly boring.

7. In contradict to that, the only functions on my mobile phone are calling, texting and Snake. I'm so attachted to my phone that I don't want to buy a new or better one.

8. If I could, I'd bring my teddy bear everywhere.

9. One of the best moments of my life was, after a long night full of coffee and a wild party, watching the sun rise at six with a friend. He probably already forgot.

10. Every year, I go to England on holiday. I hate holidays, but I love England, so I just bear with it.

VivaRock VivaRock
18-21, F
Mar 3, 2010